Pressimply is committed to honest, transparent best practice. So, here’s the lowdown on how we provide the ultimate WordPress experience.

WordPress Hosting : Kinsta :

Simply the best managed WordPress hosting available, hands down.

WordPress Management : ManageWP :

ManageWP provides us with a comprehensive toolset to complement our custom solutions for consistent updates, backups, uptime monitoring and malware scanning. It’s super-useful, with a granular pricing structure that’s awesomely micro-scalable.

Customer Support : Help Scout :

Help Scout looks like email from the frontend, and an enterprise-grade CRM solution from the backend. Reached out to us at Pressimply for support… ? You’ve used it, and you probably didn’t even know. Ultra-personal and hyper-scalable. A***

WordPress Database Migration : WP Migrate DB Pro :

WP Migrate DB Pro is a tool I first heard of from listening to Brad and Pippin’s (sadly now defunct) WordPress Development podcast Apply Filters. It’s amazing. A fully-featured WordPress migration tool that just works. It’s the way we like to move, move it here at Pressimply.

WordPress Themes / Frameworks : Beaver Builder :

Super-nice starter for our custom design projects. Plays really well with other things we use.

WordPress eCommerce (Digital) : Easy Digital Downloads :

The industry leader in digital eCommerce on the WordPress platform. Nothing else comes close. One of the many projects from Pippin Williamson that we’re massive fans of here at Pressimply.

WordPress eCommerce (Physical) : WooCommerce :

The industry-leader in physical WordPress eCommerce. There’s really no other sensible option at this point. Plus it’s part of the Automattic group. Automattic builds WordPress, amongst other cool things.

Payment Processing : Stripe :

Who knew you could have a crush on a payment processor… ? Stripe is simple, beautiful and a dev’s dream. Dirty little secret, we use PayPal too. But we don’t love it like we love Stripe. 🙂

Email / Online Productivity Apps : G Suite :

We use G Suite for all our projects. It’s a no-brainer.

WordPress Affiliates : AffiliateWP :

Another superb offering from Pippin and the team. #Kudos

WordPress Forms : Gravity Forms :

The leading choice for self-hosted WordPress forms, for good reason. Also a solid contender for simple eCommerce, and a favourite here at Pressimply.

WordPress SEO : Yoast SEO for WordPress :

Nothing else comes close. We especially love the premium version with the redirect engine.

Email Marketing : MailChimp :

Simple, sleek and starts out at free. What’s not to like… ?

Domain Search : Domainr :

Love it. Sleek and simple. Always a go-to for first branding checks.

Branding Check : KnowEm :

After Domainr, always the next step on the branding search.

Customer Engagement APIs : Twilio :

We use the superb suite of communications APIs from Twilio to instantly send a voice notification to the cell phone of our on-call project lead, as soon as you email emergency support – so your urgent request never gets missed, 24 /7. Pretty neat, huh… ?

App Automation : Zapier :

Shuffling data to and from web apps couldn’t be easier (or more fun) with Zapier. It’s the secret sauce to many of our custom automation flows.

Think we’ve missed something awesome… ? Let us know.

Last Updated : 27th January 2019

P.S. None of these are affiliate links. We only ever recommend things we use and honestly recommend.

You can read more about our policy on this here.